Stream Program


Our program includes ingame rewards for meeting streaming goals within the Server. If you are a Twitch or Youtube streamer, take advantage of your lives with Adventures RO!


  • x1 White Potion Box (50 light white potions)
  • x1 Blue Potion Box (25 light blue potions)
  • x5 Megaphone
  • x5 Life Insurance
  • x5 @storage Kafra Card
  • x1 Streamers Exclusive Costume

Reclaimable only once after having made the first FIVE (5) hours of transmission of the Server.


  • x50 Event Points
  • x50 Runegems
  • x1 50,000z
  • x1 Streamers Exclusive Costume

Claimable every Monday. The link to the videos and a summary of the number of hours broadcast each week must be provided.


  • x100 Event Points
  • x100 Runegems
  • x100 Cash Points

Claimable every time a referred user shows up on the #­čĄŁÔöépresentations Channel and mentions that came from the Stream. Every referral user will receive a box with x50 Runegems, x50 Event Coins, x5 Zeny Bag, x1 Infinity Fly Wing Box for 3 days and x1 Costume Box. Don’t miss the chance to give these rewards to your viewers!


Every fortnight we will choose our best streamers/content creators and reward them with these benefits that will help their development in-game and as a content creator:

  • A-RO Partner Exclusive Costume
  • x200 Event Points
  • x500 Rune Crystals
  • x1 Infinite Fly Wing (14 days)
  • x2 VIP Ticket (7 days)
  • x10,000,000 Zeny
  • Broadcast through the list of Recommended Channels on our official Twitch/Youtube profiles.
  • Raid of a mini-live of 10 minutes of our Twitch Profile for scheduled transmissions of the Server.
  • Broadcast of scheduled transmissions from the Server through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profiles of A-RO.
  • Commands/Special access to announce your broadcasts on Discord and Ingame.
  • Costume Boxes & Season Prizes for the use of the Stramer and/or raffle among its viewers. All profiles that have regularly broadcasted the Server on Twitch and/or Youtube participate.

These rewards will be awarded every two weeks to the chosen streamers.