Frequently Asked Questions

We put here a list of the questions/problems that our users frequently have. Before requesting assistance from the Staff we recommend reading and trying to solve it according to the information/instructions that are in this Channel since in all cases it is about simple and easy situations resolving. Otherwise, feel free to contact us through Channel šŸ”§ā”‚support or opening a Ticket in šŸŽ«ā”‚support-ticket for a personalizated support.

How can I know more about donations, cash shop or cash points?

You should visit Donations.

How can I know more about RMT System/Coins?

You should visit RTM System.

My shortcuts/battlemode are not saving

Solution I:

1. Find savedata/UserKeys.lua in the Adventures RO Folder:

2. Select accept/ok and try to save the shortcuts.

Solution II:

1. With the Client closed, open the savedata folder inside the client and place the following file:

	[35] = { EXE = "Hotkey 4-9", KEY1 = 32 },

2. Open the game and configure the BM normally.

Game Crashes

Normally ingame crashes can be due to two reasons:

  1. The lack of some game file/sprite: In the first case, the solution is as simple as updating through Patcher.exe.
  2. Some third party software not allowed by Gepard protection: We recommend closing all software related to peripherals with a macro system.

Updating the Client

If you are unable to update the Client using Patcher.exe, try the following: 1. Create an exception for the

  1. Create an exception for the Patcher.exe file in your Antivirus or temporarily disable Antivirus (in Windows Defender you can find this option under: Antivirus and threat protection / Antivirus and threat protection settings / Real-time protection: Off).
  2. If you have a firewall, create an exception for the Patcher.exe file or temporarily disable it to update. 3. If all of the above doesn’t work, we recommend downloading the client again with the antivirus/firewall temporarily disabled.
  3. If you don’t have the Patcher.exe file, you can download it from here:

Upload or view Guild Emblems

  1. The emblems must be an image format .BMP or .GIF of exact 24×24 pixels (animated gifs are allowed).
  2. The emblems must be housed within the Client Folder, in a so-called emblem. Example: AdventuresRO/Emblem. 3 .Have the latest Server update. To confirm this, simply open the Patcher.exe file found in the Client folder.

Setup the Adventures RO Gray World GRF

  1. Update your client.
  2. Open data.ini file from your client main folder and declare the GRF that you wanna use in the list, just after gepard.grf. For example:

There’s three styles of graympas in our client:

  1. graymap.grf: A simply no-fields/dungeons textures/models with squared floor.
  2. graymapcglines.grf: A simply no-fields/dungeons textures/models with squared floor and gutter lines.
  3. graymapclean.grf: A simply no-fields/dungeons textures/models with clean gray floor.

Choose what you want to use and just declare it on your data.ini file.

For those of you still having issues with saving shortcuts/battlemode and the above options didn’t work, here’s a radical way to do it:

  1. Configure the BM/Shortcuts.
  2. Without closing the client, find and open the savedata/UserKeys.lua file to verify that the shortcuts are there.
  3. Right click on the file and select the “Read Only” option. In case you need to modify the BM again, disable the option and enable it again after saving it.