Welcome to AdventuresRo Wiki, proposes to combine the nostalgia that we all feel when remembering our past adventures with the adrenaline rush of discovering a new way to play. Although we take the base of official servers we have customized some aspects, adding new features and modifying some others, as well as rebalanced features that we felt were outdated for the current gameplay or that would greatly shorten the life of the average player.

Are you new to the game? Check out the Introduction to Ragnarok Online to get an idea of how the game works!

Just new to AdventuresRO? Visit the Introduction to AdventuresRO page and see what AdventuresRO has to offer!

AdventuresRO Mechanics
RMT (Real Money Trading) • Coins System • Gachapon Banners • Automatic Events • Discovery System • Gold Points Internet Cafe • Pet Evolution System • MVP Points and Ranking • Wish Shop Rewards
Player versus Player Quests
War of Emperium • Battlegrounds Adventurers Guild Missions • Evolved Items