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Entering the Adventures RO Discord Community means that you agree upon the following:


  1. Ignorance of the following rules related to the Discord Server usage is not a valid excuse to commit an infraction.
  2. This server follows the basic Discord guidelines:
  3. Respect the language of the channels for specific languages.
  4. Maintain respect towards the other members of the Community, both Staff and Players.
  5. No defamatory, political, religious, racist, transphobic, homophobic or any type of related message that goes over any boundaries and/or moral/ethical behavior are allowed.
  6. Only reference to the RMT Coins System is permitted as a Real Money Trading method. More information:
  7. No NSFW/+18 images, topics, discussion or sexually explicit.
  8. No spoilers of any type outside of the Spoiler tag: ||spoiler||.
  9. No spam, self-promotion or unauthorized advertisement. This includes Private Messages.
  10. Do not incite violation of the Server Rules (Ingame):
  11. Be nice, kind and cordial.

❗ Besides what is being explicitly said on top, use common sense, morals and ethics. In doubt, it is always better to ask.

📜 Rules can be modified at any given time if required.

📜 The Staff reserves the right to edit or delete any content found on our channels as well as to silence, expel or ban (as a last resort) a member, without prior notice. These penalties do not necessarily extend to game accounts.