RMT / Transacciones por Dinero Real

The RMT System/Real Money Transaction System is a way to make extra money playing our favorite game. We are looking for a way to provide a simple, fast and safe option for everyone, while the server is balanced in relation to its drops and possibilities in order to give additional value to each item. To make the purchase or exchange of RMT COINS, the procedure will be similar to that of the acquisition of Cash Points: Purchases/sales in multiples of 10 USD (US dollars) will be accepted exclusively through PayPal (for now). In case of purchase of RMT, you can send the money to the account below. Immediately after, they must send an e-mail notifying said transaction together with the amount, name of the issuer and the tracking code, to [email protected] and opening a Ticket in the support channel of our Discord. The crediting of RMT Coins can take up to 24 hours, but is usually done instantly.

RMT Coins can be used in-game as a secure way to transact. In case of a scam or problem, the Staff can intervene if one of the two parties so wishes. Being an ingame deal, there are records and ways to retrieve the items (unlike clandestine deals). Resorting to transactions outside the System is an attempt against the life of the Server, so not only are we not responsible in the event that a user is scammed, but he could incur an infraction. RMT Coins can be selected as currency/currency when leaving a store in Automatic Trade both when buying and selling. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Staff or open a Ticket in the support channel of our discord.

For more information, visit our Discord Community.