Gashapon Machine

Gachapon banners (Gacha Machine) are the big bet of the server. In them you can find the most wanted items in the game, usually not obtainable by other means, as well as some that also interact with the Cash Shop. Costumes, equippable items, rentals, are some of the examples.

Each season will bring a list of items and like the Cash Shop, it will rotate every 15 days. The way to obtain these items is through the use of Rune Stones, a stone that can be obtained in various ways: buying it in the Cash Shop, receiving it as a donation prize or completing missions within the game, such as the daily Adventurers Guild. Each shot in the gacha is a random chance that one of the items present will drop. Chances are not cumulative.

To see the current promotions look for the NPC in Prontera or visit the Gashapon Machine channel in our Discord!